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Dr. Bernstein's Announcement of our New Integrative Functional Nutritionist Brianna Manginelli MS CNS LDN

Some of you have had the privilege of meeting or working with Michal Shelton RDN LDN, our current Integrative Functionally oriented Nutritionist.  Michal has been a great asset to our team.  Although she has enjoyed and learned a lot from working in our Functional Medicine office, she is a recent graduate and wants to explore different areas of nutrition and dietetics.  We wish her much success!

The practice searched for another Nutritionist and we decided on someone who is passionate about Functional Medicine and treats the whole person with care and compassion. 

We are so excited and pleased to announce that Brianna Manginelli MS CNS LDN is now joining our team.  Brianna comes to us with a strong clinical background in Integrative Functional Nutrition and an expertise in nutraceuticals.  Having a Nutritionist who has experience in Integrative Functional Nutrition and can support patients in implementing dietary recommendations and appropriate personalized nutritional supplementation perfectly complements our approach.  Brianna is an excellent clinician taking into account the whole person.  She is passionate about nutritional counseling and Integrative Functional Nutrition. 

Brianna is warm and very compassionate and really cares about making a difference with those she serves.  She takes the time with patients to support them in implementing their personalized treatment plan by further educating and counseling them on how to put their plan into action.  During individual sessions, Brianna supports patients to create behavior change and is patient and encouraging.  She will also review and help patients to understand the results of their nutritionally oriented testing and make personalized recommendations based on the results in conjunction with the persons individual preferences and needs.  

Brianna is a great new member of our team.  She brings a fresh perspective and is very excited to work with patients supporting them with their optimal health and wellbeing goals.  She thrives on working in coordination with the rest of our team to provide the best possible support for the patients.  Brianna will be working with patients at the Holistic Healing Center on her own as well as in conjunction with me.   

To learn more about our Functional Integrative Nutritionist Brianna, visit us @ www.drbholisticmd.com and feel free to reach us at 215-794-7880.  To contact Brianna directly, you can email her at Briannaldnhhc@gmail.com.    

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