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Dr. Bernstein's New Year's Greeting and the Holistic Healing Center's Michal Shelton RDN LDN Invitation to Kick off the New Year!

I would like to start by wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year from all of us at the Holistic Healing Center!

More than ever for many of us, we welcome this New Year with optimism and hopes for a better year.  At this point, we still need to be very vigilant with being careful and keeping our immune systems strong.  It is always best to eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest, but now more than ever it is important.  It is also important to find ways to stay connected and share love whenever possible.  This helps up keep going and support each other.

With Michal's leadership, we are offering a way to be in community and get this year started off on the right foot.  We are offering both a virtual Detox group as well as a Weight Loss group for those that are interested.  The content of these offerings can be done individually as well, but for some the group adds an additional element that can be very supportive and enhance results.

These programs are great for anyone interested in enhancing energy and feeling a greater sense of well being.  If you are chronically fatigued, have unexplainable weight gain or trouble losing weight, this may be just what the Doctor ordered.

If you are looking for a fresh start in 2021, consider joining our New Year Detox or Weight Loss group.

What is the difference between the Detox and Weight Loss programs?

A Detox is designed to help the body remove excess toxins that may be contributing to chronic fatigue, unexplainable weight gain, food sensitivities or other health issues.  The main focus of this program will be learning how to decrease exposure to toxins, eating in a way that assists the body’s natural detoxification processes and identifying possible food sensitivities.  There is also a supplement protocol for this program which will further help the detox process.

The Weight Loss program will cover some of the same content but the focus will be specifically on weight loss and identifying what may be preventing weight loss.  Topics may include choosing quality foods, addressing emotional eating, meal planning, and time restricted eating.

*Note: Neither of these programs are calorie restricted.  The goal is not short-term weight loss but rather discovering the principles of healthy eating and lifestyle modifications that will be sustainable for long term health.

These groups will meet virtually once a week for 6 weeks starting in January. Contact us at the Holistic Healing Center 215-794-7880 or contact Michal at michalrdnhhc@gmail.com for more information.

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