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Natural Nurse's [Replay Weekend]: HEALING KITCHEN - Let food be thy medicine

Hello Everyone

Did you miss this wonderful free docuseries that has been airing since September 12th?

Here’s what you would see on each episode:

  • Episode 1: Culinary Remedies: Reviving the Healing Art of Cooking

  • Episode 2: A Happy Gut: Recipes for Nourishing Your Inner Ecosystem

  • Episode 3: Cooking for Immunity: Strengthening Defenses with Flavorful Fare

  • Episode 4: Cognitive Cuisine: Brain-Boosting Dishes from Antiquity

  • Episode 5: Heart-Smart Menus: Time-Tested Recipes for Cardiovascular Care

  • Episode 6: Zest & Zen: Formulas for Better Sleep & Boundless Energy

  • Episode 7: Food Fighters: Crafting Anti-Cancer Meals

  • Episode 8: Beauty in a Bowl: Recipes for Skin & Hair Health

  • Episode 9: Spice of Life: Healing Hormones & Enhancing Intimacy

In this video series you will visit with many of my colleagues as they share their protocols and recipes for using FOOD AS MEDICINE - as our ancient teachers, such as Hippocrates, The Father of Modern Medicine, have always advised!

If you miss any episodes, The Sacred Science will air a REPLAY of all episodes on Saturday 9/23 and Sunday 9/24

Alternatively, you can purchase the HEALING KITCHEN series from The Sacred Science so that you can watch it anytime you can.


I have been working in the Natural Health Field for over 50 years, and the exciting news is that Evidence Proves what we have always known - FOOD, BOTANICALS and NATURAL THERAPIES are clinically proven to be safe effective therapies to support health with the least adverse effects !

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Be well and stay healthy! Ellen Kamhi Ph.D., RN, AHN-BC, RH(AHG) The Natural Nurse®

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