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Dr. Khalsa's Recommendations for the Covid-19 Virus

Doctor Khalsa’s Recommendations for the Covid-19 Virus.

We have received many calls at the clinic about what to do to stay healthy with
the Covid-19 pandemic. We have also had many calls with people who are sick
and think they may have the virus.

1. Do I have the virus? The most common symptoms for this virus are
significant fever over 100.3 and cough accompanied often by shortness of
breath. People with the virus may have an exposure history with a person
who is known to have the virus.. They may have a lot of travel history
including international travel.

2. What should I do if I think I have the virus? Should I come in or should I go
to the emergency room?

3. It Is the recommendation of the CDC and my office that if you think you
have the virus, stay home! Put yourself on 14 day quarantine period.

4. It is not recommended by the CDC or our office that you come in to be
seen by me. This recommendation is to protect the health of my staff and
myself. No doctors including our office have test kits to diagnose the virus.
Emergency rooms are limited in the number of tests they have and are
only able to do them on the sickest of the patients. Several of my patients
have been turned away by the Emergency rooms because they were not
sick enough.

5. This will change dramatically when more test kits are available and when
drive-through testing stations will be available to all of us.

6. If you’re concerned you have the virus and wish to talk to me, we can set
up an office visit by phone on the same day, for you to discuss it with me .
I recommend for patients who think they have the virus to use Full
Immune Support.—see below.

7. There are no drugs to treat the virus. So neither I nor the emergency room
can give you any medication to directly treat the virus.

8. The only time to go to the emergency room is if you are so short of breath
that you can hardly breathe, or you just cannot stop coughing, or you have
a high fever that you cannot get down.. Then further evaluation and
possible admission to the hospital is indicated. It is estimated that 80% or
more of patients with this virus will NOT get that sick.

9. Incubation period-it is estimated that there is a 2 to 14 day incubation
period after you are exposed. One study in the Lancet and one study in
the New England Journal of Medicine indicated the incubation period was
5.1 or or 5.2 days on average.

Immune Support

If you’re not sick enough to go to the emergency room what should you do if
you’re home sick? Of course, the normal recommendations of rest and plenty of
fluids are applicable. The virus will go away. Use Tylenol if you have a fever to
bring it down.

My main recommendation is IMMUNE support! Your immune system will throw
out the virus. By supporting your system you can facilitate it doing its job.

My basic recommendation for EVERYBODY is

Vitamin C 1000 mg 2 to 3 times a day-use Lypospheric if you can get it.

Immunotix, the supplement that you can order from our office, one capsule 2 or 3
times per day.

Make sure your vitamin D level is high -intake 5000 units of vitamin D every day.

Proboost -which is now sold-out nation wide but back in stock in April.

There are many more additional immune supports that are available and you
may take any of them that you feel comfortable with.

Some of the more common ones include,

Zinc 30 mg to 50 mg per day.

Elderberry extract 600 to 1500 mg per day.
Cats claw extract, that you can order from the clinic, two sprays under the tongue
twice a day.
Reishi and other mushrooms
And many more.

If you wish to order supplements from our office, it is best to email and your order
will go out same day.

The email address is

You can also order supplements direct from my webstore at

Again if you wish to consult me, I will be available for office visits by phone on the
same day, for the foreseeable future.

Please take your vitamin D and Immune support and stay healthy !

Please Note: Above statements are not written by Health Realizations nor the opinion of Health Realizations

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