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Subliminal Mind Control: Are You Getting Fat, Sick
and Broke while Sellers of Addictive Stuff Get Richer?

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Subliminal Mind Control
Stop The Injections
Addictive Drugs;
STUFF  You Buy but Never Use;
STUFF that  Makes You Ill / Sick;
STUFF that Makes You BROKE;
STUFF You Just Never Needed:
STUFF You Just Can't Resist;
you just can't stop Buying!

What Is The Cause?

How to STOP

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Have you ever had buyer's remorse ... after buying something that you never needed and never used but never returned? For instance, after using a prescription drug have you later learned it was making people sick with a different or worse illness, side effects or disease than yours that the drug was supposed to be treating? Or have you ever splurged on candy or potato chips, then realized you were feeling worse after eating it … but you continue having cravings for it even though it made you sick, fat, and knowingly unhealthy? 

Do you have a hard time NOT buying things you know you really don’t need?

Have you ever continued buying ... what you know is making you SICK (fast food, junk food, processed foods)? ... What you know you can't afford to keep buying because it's making you BROKE? ... What you know will eventually KILL YOU or your loved ones as it causes obesity, illnesses, and diseases that are KILLING YOU ever so SLOWLY?! 

Ever wondered why you seem to not have control … when you know better?! ... When you want to STOP?! ... When you have tried to STOP?! ... Why you just CAN'T STOP?!?!?!?!

Might it be mind control ... given that you know you would never continue such self-destructive behaviors ... unless you were being mentally manipulated? 

Mind Control may sound far-fetched ... until you learn the FACTS.

Buying Binges Right from Your Own Living Room

QVC, HSN and Shop NBC bring in $10 billion each year … profiting off of your impulse buys made right from the comfort of your own living room. Many have gotten caught up in their sales techniques, urging you to “buy now” and “act fast” or miss out on a “limited quantity” of their exclusive product offerings.

When faced with a temptation you know will disappear in 15 minutes, it can be all but irresistible, at least in the moment. How do they do it? Using tried-and-true tricks that marketers have been using for decades:

  • Limited Time: Notice the clock ticking down in the corner of the screen, letting you know you only have 4 minutes and 30 seconds, 20 seconds … 10 seconds … left to make a decision? It’s impossible to miss… and for many impossible to resist.

  • Scarcity: The home shopping networks let you know that there are only limited quantities of their special product. “If you don’t act now and fast, you’ll miss out!”

  • Exclusivity: Ever notice how the products on TV are supposedly only available on TV? “Nowhere else will you find… Egyptian cotton sheets, in animal prints, for $49.95” or a cultured freshwater pearl and abalone sterling silver necklace for ONLY $119.90!

  • Savings: TV shopping clubs always let you know how much money you’ll be saving compared to “retail” store prices. And they’re more than happy to break your $149.90 purchase down into four payments of $37.48, because it seems so much more affordable that way.

  • Testimonials: Viewers often call in to let you know just how happy they are now that they have their very own professional hair removal kit or stainless steel pasta pot … and you can be happy, too, if you buy one for yourself.

Throw in an attractive announcer who appears genuinely excited to offer you these money-saving exclusive deals, and it’s a recipe for major over-spending.

This is true not only on TV shopping networks but also in stores, where marketers set up enticing displays, special sales, and use other tricks designed especially to get you to buy more.

Ultimately, the purchases you make will not make you happy in the truest sense of the word, but they very well may make you go broke … or worse, sick.

Food Marketers Also in on the Buying Game

Did you know that your supermarket is set up to get you to buy more expensive (and profitable) junk foods while bypassing the healthy staples like fresh veggies, milk and eggs? It’s true.

Grocery stores purposely set up enticing displays of expensive cookies, crackers and other packaged foods hoping to coax you into buying something on a whim. They also purposely place common items all the way in the back of the store, so you have to walk down the aisles to get there. The more snacks, cereals and other processed foods you're exposed to, the greater the chances that you'll grab something, typically unhealthy, not on your list.

Stores even place the items they want you to buy most -- the ones that give them the most profit -- where they're easiest for you to see: between knee- and shoulder-height.

The food manufacturers themselves are in on this game, too. There’s an entire “science” devoted to developing the most enticing product packaging, names, flavors and colors, many of which are targeted to children (who can be incredibly influential in the final say of what gets purchased).

But aside from luring you into buying MORE than you intended, these tactics will also tempt you to buy more junk foods then you intended … ultimately leading to poor diet and poor health.

Media Mind Control: How to Overcome It

Just about anywhere you go nowadays; you’re exposed to media mind control. There are ads and subliminal messages literally everywhere for “STUFF” you don’t need, can’t afford and will make you sick.

You can now sit at your computer and order just about anything from QVC, HSN, or ebay, from expensive paintings and antiques to 5-pound bags of gummy candies. Or, you can take back control and instead of buying, you can sell or trade your unused and unwanted items to simplify your life for free on sites like and new upcoming local area free buy and sell sites popping up, like

The truth is, we have all been “preconditioned” or “brainwashed” physically, emotionally, and socially, to buy, Buy, BUY.

Replace Behavior with New Preferred Healthy Behavior
Once you understand and accept the facts that your mind has become controlled by others, you will then have the choice and opportunity to begin replacing the preconditioned driven subconscious behavioral response mechanisms by re-coding your own mind and reflex behaviors to do what is healthy and best for you, your family and loved ones.

This takes a real, conscious decision to first notice the gimmicks and sales tactics all around you and, second, to take control of your subconscious mind to make the “reflex” decisions that are in your best interest (not the best interest of the sellers!).

You can also replace your unhealthy addictive shopping habits with healthier alternatives. For instance:

  • Instead of turning on HSN or QVC, go for a brisk walk or go online to contribute to your vacation fund or other long-term savings goal

  • Before going grocery shopping, plan out your meals for the week and create a shopping list and stick to it

  • Instead of going shopping for fun (which makes you completely vulnerable to impulse buys and overspending), make lists of “truly fun” things to do that are low to no cost that you can enjoy with family and or friends. Then do same like taking daily walks, having lunch or dinner at home with friends, go for a hike in a forest preserve or take your kids to a museum

  • Be aware of your "debt triggers" that can start you spiraling downward financially

It’s time to STOP blaming yourself and start engaging your subconscious and taking control of your inner most subconscious mind, as this really does impact your happiness, health and well-being.

Yet realizing this takes daily maintenance since we are all bombarded every day by subliminal messages, as big corporations, food manufacturers and drug companies seek to drive and control your behavior.

Most addictions arise from unfulfilled needs from childhood experiences. Take a moment to identify what the origin of a behavior is, reflect on the unwanted effects and then replace it with your desired behavior. Focus and visualize the new behavior occurring the next time the trigger environmental conditions surface. See yourself doing what you want to have occur (replacing your past behavior). Repeatedly visualize this for a period of several days then again several times if the unwanted former reflex behavior occurs.

Why Should You be Taking this Media Mind-washing a bit More Seriously?

We have been warned before ... on both the cigarette labels and the drug manufacturers' warnings labels and in their ads on TV -- told about the risks and side effects of smoking and certain medications, but we all rarely head the warnings. In fact some warnings actually reinforce cravings.

Is it possible that we're brainwashed subliminally? Is it possible that we are subconsciously seeking to commit suicide while consciously making the excuse that we assume these warnings are for others -- that we will not be affected?

When they tell you what they are going to do to harm your health with all the possible legally required disclosures of what drugs do to users, why do we overlook them and keep taking the drugs?

It is clear that even if the fast food industry was next required to place warnings on the side of their packaging like cigarettes and drugs there would be little if any reduction in sales. In fact, it’s very possible sales would go up as they shockingly have since drug companies requirements came into effect and they offset them with so-called advertising.

Fast Foods are Addictive as Drugs?

Dr. David A. Kessler, the former Commission of the FDA who directly took on, fought and beat cigarette manufacturers in senate hearings when he said: “Tobacco industry officials have denied that nicotine is addictive,” is now gunning to save hundreds of millions more lives from more prevalent mind-controlling foods in what could be called “an excess of evil food ingredients!” In his book “The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite,” as well as in the videos below, you can learn how to take back control of your over-eating junk foods …

Replacing Your Preconditioned Neural Circuitry (Interview with Dr. David A. Kessler)

Proven Mind Controlling Hyper Addictive Food ingredients

The fat, sugar and salt in fast foods and processed foods are layered and loaded into popular foods to trigger sensory overload that affect the same areas of the brain that causes addictions to drugs.

These three primary categories of food ingredients highly stimulate YOUR brain’s so-called “hedonic hot spots” that respond with “hedonistic behaviors,” which are the primary subconscious sensors that take mental attention away from all else (in effect causing attention deficit for all ages).

These three “evil food ingredients” overload then overtake all brain sensors subconsciously by creating cravings for specific foods you likely call your favorite foods (albeit hedonistic unhealthy foods) the moment you feel hunger, see a trigger (driving past your favorite bakery) or worse, when you feel an emotional emptiness.

While food manufacturers and restaurant chefs say they are simply “giving customers choices,” the fact is that they are ALL playing to your internal subconscious addictive mind control.

The conscious mind is NO MATCH for the subconscious mind, which “acts on preset reflex conditions” no different and in fact exactly like that proven by “Pavlov's dogs mind control conditioned reflex” experiments back in the 1800s -- during which dogs were trained to salivate in response to a bell ringing, because they associated the bell with feeding time. Likewise, you may start to “salivate” or “crave your favorite foods” when you see a commercial for them or sit down in front of the TV (if you normally eat them then).

Look at food as if it were a drug... “it affects the same circuits in the brain. It affects the learning memory motivational habit circuits (addictive behavioral mind control). The difference (between food and drugs) is we need food to live! We need food to survive!” says Dr. Kessler.

What the food ingredient manipulators -- food manufacturers, food labs scientists, ingredient taste experts, and even chefs (in restaurants) -- all have in common is they are all vying to create reoccurring demand by seducing your greatest weakness … which just happens to be your “hedonic hot spots” triggering your subconscious mind control dominated by hedonistic behavior to crave and establish unhealthy food addictions … for their mixture of food ingredients. 

So whether it’s food, TV shopping networks or another source of shopping “poison” that gets you to spend, spend and spend some more (perhaps while overeating, too) … the first step to breaking the addiction is realizing there is one. Then you can move on to finally break the cycle …

How to Stop Overspending, Overeating and Overbuying …

Are you ready to break free from the over-consumption mindset that may already be making you miserable? Here is the cure:

  • Stop buying things you don’t need (including junk foods). Before you make any purchase, seriously analyze whether its value is worth the money you’ll pay for it and the resources used to make it. If necessary, avoid going to the mall (or mall food court) or leave your credit cards at home so you’re not tempted.

  • Make a budget. Make sure you’re earning more than you’re spending, and really evaluate any spending for non-necessities (and, again, this includes junk food).

  • Question your reasons for spending. Are you buying or eating something to fill an emotional void? Improve your self-esteem? Because you’re bored? To prove to your kids that you love them? If so it’s time to address your emotional challenges and put away your checkbook in the meantime.

  • Teach your kids to be smart about money and recognize advertising temptations. Kids must understand that, along with having money to spend now, they need money to save for short-term goals, money to invest for long-term goals, and money to donate to charities or others in need. And they need to know that clever marketers are trying to entice them to buy things (toys, foods, etc.) that may not be healthy for them, and that they may not need or even really want.

  • Get involved in fun and free activities. Become a volunteer. Go for a hike with your family. Organize potluck dinners for you and your neighbors. In other words, reconnect with your community and nature, and remember that you don’t have to spend money to enjoy life. Teach your kids this concept too and you’ll be giving them a gift that will last a lifetime!

  • Simplify your life. By buying fewer things and staying debt-free, you’ll realize that you suddenly gain a whole lot of freedom. Likewise, when you return your diet to one focused on whole, fresh foods, you’ll realize just how “junky” those processed foods really were. You can even work fewer hours and actually have time to stop and smell the roses in life. Ultimately, it’s simply a matter of choosing what’s more important to you: continuing the rat race or enjoying your life to its fullest, happy and healthy.


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