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Detoxify Your Life:
16 Tips to "Live" By
PLUS Additional New TACT Study Findings
That Could Save Your Life
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Life can be a dirty place, and whether you're 20 or 65 you've probably accumulated some excess toxins in your body and some emotional baggage in your mind. These poisons can come from concrete things like pesticides in your food, pollution in the air you breathe and even chemicals that you consume in water and prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

taking a break

Taking regular breaks away from the daily grind is essential for emotional peace and physical health.

But they can also be more abstract, in the form of things like too much stress, negative media, advertising, relationship problems and inner conflicts. So when you think about detoxing, it's important to not only detoxify your body but also your mind and spirit.

16 Essential Detox Tips

While spring is often considered the ideal time to detox, fall, which is just around the corner, is also an important season for cleansing. The shorter days and cooler temperatures lead to decreases in your metabolism and mood, and may trigger a desire to eat more than you normally do. Detoxing in the fall can help to lift your spirits, increase your energy and help you feel your best as winter arrives.

However, some forms of detoxing can become a part of your everyday life. The tips that follow include such tips, and we recommend using them on a regular basis to keep your life mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

  1. Exercise. It will help you relieve stress and improves your circulation and overall health.

  2. Eat organic. As much as possible, choose foods free of pesticides, genetically modified ingredients and other additives. If you must budget, choose organic animal products (meat, eggs and dairy) first, as they tend to accumulate toxins faster. Next, choose organic versions of the most heavily polluted produce, such as these 20 fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides: Peaches, Apples, Sweet Bell Peppers, Celery, Nectarines, Strawberries, Cherries, Pears, Grapes (Imported), Spinach, Lettuce, Potatoes, Carrots, Green Beans, Hot Peppers, Cucumbers, Raspberries, Plums, Grapes (Domestic), and Oranges.

    Remember, peeling a fruit or vegetable will remove 100% of the pesticides and or herbicides. If peeling is not an option rinsing in a 5% Acetic acid solution will remove upwards of 85% of those toxins.
  3. Be careful of what drugs you take. Sometimes medication is necessary, but you may want to think twice before constantly popping pills for every ache and pain. Many can cause side effects and may contain chemicals that can damage your kidneys or liver. Many deaths from the prescription pain killers are the result of the liver toxicity from acetaminophen.

  4. Quit smoking. Cigarettes contain over 4,000 different chemicals not to mention the heavy metals arsenic and cadmium.

  5. Use natural cleaning products in your home. Using typical cleaning sprays and air fresheners at least once a week can increase your risk of asthma by 30-50 percent.

    Instead, opt for natural products like baking soda, vinegar and lemon are just thrhee things you can use to clean and freshen your home safely. Also ultramicrofiber cloths to reduce the amount of chemical cleaners you use, or even eliminate them altogether.

    So, unlike ordinary cleaning rags and sponges, you don't need to use chemical cleaners to achieve the deepest clean, which makes them perfect for anyone who's looking to keep toxic cleaners OUT of their home.

    If you choose to use cleaning products, you can opt for natural varieties that contain no hazardous ingredients, petrochemicals, perfumes, dyes or animal byproducts for all of your cleaning needs, from carpet and upholstery cleaner to spot lifters. The Environmental Working Group a non -profit organization devoted to environmental health research and advocacy organization is a rich source to explore many of the potential toxins that you encounter every day

  1. Meditate. It's a simple (and free) way to detoxify your mind and spirit.

  2. Make sure you're sleeping enough, and well. Like refueling a car or taking a drink of water, it's thought that sleep refreshes your body and helps to restore the energy that you've used up during the day. Says Dr. Neil B. Kavey, director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City, sleep is the time when your body is able to do repair work.

  1. Limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol is a poison, and in excess amounts it will cause harm to your body. How much is too much? According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, most adults can use alcohol moderately -- meaning up to two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women and older people -- and not experience problems. (One drink equals one 12-ounce bottle of beer or wine cooler, one 5-ounce glass of wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits.)

  2. Learn how to forgive. Most of us will harbor (or are harboring right now) feelings of pain, anger, resentment and hurt against someone we feel did us wrong. If they are not released, by way of forgiveness, these negative notions will slowly drain your energy while fanning the fires of chronic stress.

  3. Turn off the TV. Your mind needs a break from the advertisements, the negative news and the celebrity gossip.

  4. De-clutter your home. One of the basic tenants of feng shui, which is an ancient art of creating a harmonious environment in your home using space, placement of objects, color and more to keep vital energy aligned, is that clutter represents stagnant energy.

    In order for energy, or chi, to flow -- and therefore for your home to feel peaceful, support your mental and emotional well-being and provide a sanctuary for you to reside in -- the clutter must be cleared.

    toxin free face masks

    Make sure anything you put in or on your body (food, personal care products, makeup) is as pure and toxin-free as possible.

  5. Volunteer. People who donate their time to a cause report feeling a heightened sense of well-being, relief from insomnia, and various other physical, mental and emotional benefits.

  6. Switch to natural personal care products. The vast majority -- some 89 percent -- of the 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products (products that you rub into your scalp and skin, spread onto your face and trust on your body) have never been evaluated for safety by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) panel, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or any other institution.

  7. Challenge your mind. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that challenging your brain with mentally stimulating leisure activities (including playing board games or cards, doing crossword puzzles, reading, writing, and playing musical instruments) is great for your mind.

  8. Tune out things that bring you down. This could be your gossiping coworkers, a meddling relative, or annoying instant messages. Whatever the poison, learn to ignore it for your own sanity's sake.

  9. Request and get Heavy Metals Toxicity Tested. We all have various levels of heavy metals toxicity from environmental conditions and the foods we have eaten. The only question is how much lead and other toxic heavy metals do you have in your body at risk and what can be done to help avoid the potential of a heart attack and or cancer, etc.

Life Saving Findings of National U.S. Heavy Metal Detox T.A.C.T. Study
("I.V. Chelation" also known as "Vitamin Infusion Detox")

"UNLEADED" Movie Trailer on the T.A.C.T. Study

6 Minute "Unleaded" Movie Trailer

One Hour Documentary Film Director's Cut (in advance of the movie Premier) is Available Right Now!

According to award-winning, Board Certified Cardiologist and Internist, as well as the co-creator of the world famous "South Beach Diet," Dr. Roy Heilbron, "90% of everyone will die of Heart Disease or Cancer, but most people no longer need to die from either."

See his breakthrough talk

Chelation Therapy T.A.C.T. Study Findings Showed an Amazing:





Dr. Roy Heilbron's T.A.C.T. Study Results Summation:

Chelation Therapy and Vitamins: 26% Improved

Overall improvement in heart health: 18%

Death reduced: 7%

Heart Attacks reduced: 23%

Hospitalizations reduced: 28%

Diabetic heart complications reduced: 39%

Heart Surgeries reduced: 19%

Strokes reduced: 23%

Over 1,700 patients participated in the 10 year study. Each patient must have had one or more prior heart attacks at least two years or more years prior to participating in the study. Most, if not all, of the patients were anticipated statistically to have another incidence (incidence being another heart attack or to die from a heart attack.)

What might this mean for a patient who has already had a heart attack or a stroke? Imagine the possibility of continuing to live without any major or minor heart surgery or the possibility of removing the cause of heart attacks, strokes, or even cancer, without highly invasive surgery that can cause injuries or even death.

When NIH’s Dr. Gervasio Lamas’ ground-breaking presentation of the T.A.C.T. Study results were given at the 2012 American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions in Los Angeles, approximately 10,000 cardiologists attending fell suddenly totally silent as they were clearly stunned and unpleasantly surprised! All but a few of the cardiologists present had ever done Chelation Therapy or knew anything about it, and these T.A.C.T. Study results threatened the future need for their heart surgeries, the placement of stents, and other expensive conventional treatments. These "conventional treatments" are what hospitals and doctors currently depend upon to sustain the current standards of their professional services and livelihoods.

Dr. Heilbron shares that, based on his experience, if these results were for an expensive drug with major pharmaceutical funding and profits at stake, the cardiologists would have given thunderous applause and long standing ovations for Dr. Lamas’ T.A.C.T. Study speech and slideshow. Then the astounding news would have been followed by immediate and massive press exposure from the medical communities, directed at the public for a high demand of these pharmaceuticals.

Instead, the reaction was a deafening silence in the auditorium of over 10,000 cardiologists, sitting in shock, concerned about the future of their practices wondering whether to change their points of view on Chelation Therapy, or to somehow quash these findings from ever becoming known publicly, let alone integrated into conventional medicine.

"Quashed Public Awareness of the Meaningful Results that Could Save Lives"

The T.A.C.T. study results were clearly so shocking to the medical community at large that the actual statistical results were suppressed from being published for almost 5 months (instead of the usual same or next day publication.)

Following the AHA Scientific Sessions, Dr. Heilbron stated that he observed all of the mainstream media's articles in journals and publications either blatantly written leaving out the statistical TACT Study results, or the results stated in abstract scientific terms. Most, if not all, of the doctors and their patients would never comprehend the finding's actual amazingly high percentage improvements overall and for each endpoint.

Dr. Heilbron was one of the principle investigating doctors overseeing and participating in the 10 year $31 million National Institutes of Health T.A.C.T. double blind study that proved the landmark paradigm shifting results. "These findings are only meaningful if you and your loved one’s doctors become aware that heavy metal detoxing can save MANY lives!"

"What happened to the "Hippocratic Oath" we all took?" asked Dr. Heilbron.

"How could this happen in America? What happened to freedom of speech? What happened to the communities of dedicated patient-centric doctors and medical services? It makes no sense... except on a purely business basis -- at the expense of patients’ and loss of their quality of life, plus needless agony, possible deepening of debt, and suffering for so many unnecessarily."

It seems the results at the 2012 AHA (American Heart Association) may have been too good. The findings have been suppressed from every perspective according to Dr. Heilbron, who stated what he witnessed during the conference and thereafter, the publication of the results being skewed to not even be comprehended by most cardiologists or doctors, much less their patients.

The actual T.A.C.T. Study findings were "beyond the norms of most drug studies which are often raced to market, even when they have low single digit results!"

The T.A.C.T. Study improvements – lack of heart related incidents (lack of reoccurring heart attack or death) was an incredible:

18% to over 37% lack of reoccurring incident of heart attack or death, depending on whether or not it's taken with vitamins!

"These results are HUGE! Especially if you are a patient who already had a heart attack fearing the next one is only a matter of time!" stated Dr. Heilbron.

Dr. Heilbron while working with the Mayo Clinic was instrumentally involved with structuring the fundamental facts for the South Beach Diet, and in working with Mt. Sinai Medical Center was instrumental in assuring the protocol for the T.A.C.T. Study was followed by all participating T.A.C.T. doctors.

There were 134 clinics involved in the study including Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Duke University, University of Miami, Mount Sinai Medical Center, and many more.

The T.A.C.T. Study consisted of many of the most prestigious clinics in the U.S. with over 300 participating doctors treating over 1,700 heart attack patients over a ten year period and $31 million in taxpayer's money. You and your families, along with over 300 million people in the U.S. have the right to be made highly aware of these findings and how they might save your life or the life of a loved one.

We encourage you to pass this article along to anyone with heart concerns or concerns about cancer.

Dr. Heilbron went on to state that if any patient or their doctor is interested in learning more about chelation they should go the ACAM website and to the website of Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H), President of Gordon Research Institute who per Dr. Heilbron is one of the leading world researcher on EDTA Chelation Therapy with over 7,000 articles. There you’ll find whatever specific information on Chelation related to heart attacks and cancer you need.

If you or a loved one has had a heart attack, or if heart attacks are prevalent in your family history, please do not hesitate to purchase the Director’s Cut of the highly revealing documentary film "Unleaded"!

What You Need to Know about Nutrition for Healthy Heart Support

Three foundational nutrients known for supporting a healthy heart include CoQ10, Magnesium and Taurine which are easily absorbed and highly effective for supporting several aspects of heart health and blood pressure.

For more targeted nutritional support, the combination of well-known nutrients carnitine and ribose are impactful too for enhancing heart health.

In addition to a lifestyle that discourages unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive alcohol, promotes healthy physical activity, smart weight management and emphasizes diets that keep blood sugar levels healthy, smart nutritional supplementation can make a big difference in how long you maintain a healthy heart.

Please see Dr. Roy Heilbron's new YouTube lecture from the Bliss Conference describing his new book on heart disease, "Healing Heart Disease with Chelation Therapy."


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Chelation therapy in TACT: Daring to challenge dogma (and suspend disbelief) |

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The ACC (American College of Cardiology) CardioSource - ACC and the AHA (American Heart Association) do not yet recommend chelation therapy as a treatment for Heart Disease, despite the TACT Study findings presentation at their 2012 conference. Some cardiologists shared comments.

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